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A young boy Talking To A Ghost...
Boy : Why Did You Die … ?
GHOST: I Was Hit By A Car Trying
To Save Someone.
Boy : Why?
GHOST : Because I Don’t Want Her
To Get Hurt.
Boy : You Really Love Her A Lot
Because You’ve
Sacrificed Your 0wn Life Just For
May be She’s Sad Now, Because 0f
Your Death.
GHOST : No. She’s Very Happy
The 0ne That I Saved Is The Man
Whom She Loves. .
Its TRUE LOVE...!!!

Boy: Can I tell you

Girl: Sure!

Boy: You’ve the
prettiest smile I`ve ever
seen ..

Girl: Can I tell you
something as well?

Boy: Yeah.

Girl:This smile exists
only because of you !

conversation b/w a girl n a boy

after breakup..

GirL:Ur new GF is pretty.( girl thinks in
mind : is she realLy pretty dan me!).

Boy:Ya she is(boy thinks in mind : but u
r still d most beautiful girl i know)

Girl:I heard dat she is funny & amazing
(all d stuff i wasn't)

Boy:Sure she is(bt she is nothing
compared 2 u)

Girl: Wel i hope u both last (v never did)

Boy:I hope v do too(what happnd 2
me n u?)

Girl: Wel i gotta go(b4 i start 2 cry)

Boy:Ya me too(i hope u dnt cry)
Girl:Bye(i still love u & mis u)

Boy:C u later..(i will never stop loving
u nvr dear)!
Love is always beautiful wen its true

LOVE is not about making
your LOVER yours at any cost..
LOVE is all about LOVING blindly,
even if your lover doesnt love you

When You Wait for someone for few
It's your NEED..!!
When You Wait for someone for few
It's your TRUST..!!
When You Wait for someone for few
It's your FRIENDSHIP..!!
But if you are waiting for someone...
Even After Knowing that he/she will
never come,
Its Your LOVE...!!!

There Was A Girl And A Boy.
Girl Proposed The Boy And Boy Agreed.....
Girl Always Used To Say That My Heart Is Not Mine Its Always With You.... & I Am Living Without Heart...... ... After Few Month Girl Said That I Cant Marry You Becoz My Parents Are Not Allow Me But We'll Be Frnds 4evr. After Few Months Girl Got Married Another Boy.. After 2 Days Of Her Wedding, Girl Looking Her Wedding Gifts. She Came Across A Gft & Start Crying The Gft Was D Heart Packed In A Glass Jar WithFull Of Blood... The Lid Of The Jar Was Attached With The Paper Written On It.. ''Hey Stupid Ur Heart Is With Me Na Than What Will U Give To Ur Husband?

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