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I saw U on the road that day 
U Were Looking so fine
Ur Face So Divine
Ur Walk So Perfect
My Heart Started to Sing a Sweet Song

I’m Proud That You Are My Friend Bcoz You Are
20% Perfect,
20% Attractive,
20% Great,
20% Amazing,
20% Lovable,
In Short You Are 100% Mad!!

no visits... 
no calls.. 
no sms's... 
no letters... 
no missed calls.. 
I'm worried... 
kya hua zoo waalon ne dobara pakad liya kya? 

Neem k 4 patte lo
 1glass pani me boil karo aur
 chatni banao
chatni ko pani k sath pi lo
K sare bacteria  mar jayenge.

U r Ultimate 
U r Lovely 
U r Likable 
U r Unique 
In short ...... 
U r ULLU !!! 

Best Insult quotes 

I called your boyfriend gay, he hit me with his purse.

don’t know what makes you so dumb but it really works.

If brains were money, you’d be a charity case.

"Popularity is the one insult I have never suffered."
-Oscar Wilde

"It's an insult to us that he would be allowed to drive again."
-Brendan Harris

"It is an insult to the person who has always opposed these non-vegetarian things."
-Raghu Sharma

“You’re the reason our kids are so ugly.'

“I could eat alphabet soup and shit better lyrics.”
-Johnny Mercer

“Even rabbits insult an dead lion.”


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