lost mobile. i cant get confirmation code in order to verify my fb account, facebook

Facebook login issue, mobile phone verification, enter confirmation code, a code was sent to your following number

Facebook sent me a confirmation code to my lost number, what can I do?

Facebook is using a mobile phone verification system, the same system as Google or many other important websites.

When creating a new account on Facebook, a mobile phone number will be required along with the e-mail address. This phone number is very important, losing it, it might lead to losing also the access to the Facebook account.

Facebook will do a random verifications after some time to random accounts. They will send a verification code by SMS to the phone number that was used for registration.

This is the message that Facebook will display after logging in: “Please complete a security check
The security code you entered is incorrect or expired. Please try having the code sent to you again.
Security checks help keep Facebook trustworthy and free of spam.
Enter confirmation code
A code was sent to your following number: 9075*****
Once you’ve received your confirmation code, please enter it below. This will help confirm your account ownership.”

If the phone number was lost and Facebook is making this verification, contact your mobile phone operator and request another SIM card with the same phone number that you lost.

Final Step
If you don't have your phone you can log in from a known browser or fill out the following form to contact Facebook.

If you're having trouble receiving your confirmation code via SMS, please fill out this form.