How to impress attract like girl woman-boys-men

How to impress attract like girl woman -boys
How to impress attract like girl woman -boys

Your first impression may not be the last one, but you surely wouldn’t want to look unattractive when you’re meeting a woman for the first time, especially if you want your relationship to progress with her. Women are keen observers and frankly, they do notice men’s physical appearance, based on which they might arrive at various conclusions. Now, if you don’t want to be the least popular among women, take care of these nine aspects and you should do just fine.

1. Height: It’s probably the first thing a woman notices in a man. Irrespective of whether you’re tall or short, you should be able to carry your height well. Avoid slouching if you’re too tall and avoid being uncomfortable around tall women if you’re short.

2. Flat tummy: A protruding belly is a complete turn-off for women because fitness is something that they really appreciate. Don’t aim for six-pack abs, but at least work out in the gym hard enough to lose that extra layer of fat around your belly. (Read: First time sex tips for men)

3. Muscular arms: Okay, size does matter in every aspect to women, but we’re talking about arm size and nothing more. It’s not necessary to have bulging biceps with a ripped body, but at least make sure that they are toned and shapely enough to warrant a second glance. Women will appreciate it.

4. Confident eyes: Your ability to make bold eye-contact is what will impress a woman right away. When you’re speaking to her, make sure your gaze is focused towards her, not wandering or shifty. Look into her eyes, be confident and she’ll have a lot more such conversations with you.

5. Hair: Curly, straight, black or brown, it doesn’t matter. The texture should be soft and, of course, your hair should always be clean. Obviously, she wouldn’t run her hand through your hair the first time you meet, but its not something that will go unnoticed. Besides, oily hair and dandruff would certainly be noticed, but that’s the kind of attention you could do without. (Read: Trending hairstyles for men)

6. Pleasant fragrance: Advertising is often deceptive and this couldn’t be any more true than it is for the fragrance industry. Women aren’t horribly different to men and don’t want to be overwhelmed with any kind of fragrance, so don’t douse yourself in perfume. Women aren’t going to swoon over you, but a mild, pleasant fragrance can be extremely appealing and  would work in your favour. 

7. Smile: After she has noticed all other physical aspects, she will undoubtedly checkout your smile, or your lips to be precise. Darkened lips will not really appear attractive. So, here’s a health tip – quit smoking. Also dry, chapped lips can be quite repelling. So keep them soft and moist with the regular use of a lip balm. Remember, your oral health will be exposed with your smile. So, get rid of the yellowish tartar settled on the surface of your teeth and for god’s sake use a mouth freshener or mint if bad breath haunts you.

8. Personal Hygiene: Positives can often go unnoticed, but a negative will almost never escape her attention, so be extremely attentive to your personal hygiene. You needn’t go for a manicure and pedicure, but keep in mind that your nails wont go unnoticed. You don’t have to use antiperspirant, but be wary of those sweaty patches on your shirt as they wont go unnoticed either. You don’t have to wear closed shoes and socks, but if you do, make sure that your feet aren’t smelly, because its something that no one can miss.

9. Overall personality: Your overall personality will always be judged by any woman you meet and this is not just true for your first meeting with her. Opinions are constantly being formed so the way you talk, the way you interact with others, the way you dress-up every time, the shoes you wear, your confidence, your sense of humour, everything matters every single time.