Whatsapp Fuinny prank tricks for girlfriend

Change your girlfriend Profile Picture
You can not really change WhatsApp photo of a friend from your phone in the world , but can be changed to your phone so that every time someone goes to check on his WhatsApp , he / she will see your photo profile assigned to that friend. Therefore, it would be a great way to tease your friends.

To do this, follow these steps :  

1.  Download Image weird-looking/funny to allocate to your friend 's profile pic WhatsApp .
2.Change the size of 561 x 561 pixels and the name of the cell phone number of your friend using WhatsApp .
3. Save the image to the SD >> card WhatsApp >> Profile Pictures . Overwrite the existing file (if necessary ) .
 4. Now, you show your friend the pic your profile WhatsApp instant panic invite her face.

Note - Disable WiFi / data connection to WhatsApp not automatically update the pic .

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