Best Tips in Healing a Broken Heart

What should you  do when someone break your heart?

1.      Cry you heart out. Get a bag of tissue rolls and let your tears speak of what pain no one else could fully understand.
2.      Call a trusted friend and confide to her your hurts. Cry again.
3.      Rest for a while. Don’t let your tears dry out, it would be difficult later on if you run out of tears to release the heaviness you feel in your heart.
4.      Call you mother, let her know how you’re planning to take vengeance with your ex.
5.      Eat chocolate. Whoever says that life can’t be bittersweet?
6.      Even if you don’t feel like it, go to the gym and hit that treadmill. Release all your pent up energies. You’ll feel better.
7.      Have some more sleep, cuddle a cute teddy bear, the one your boyfriend did not give you!
8.      Set your alarm clock to avoid oversleeping. Use three clocks if you must so you won’t cheat by turning it off and just going back to sleep. Put two clocks beyond your reach so you’d really need to get up to turn it off.
9.      Search your all Dvd files and watch every comedy film you can find. I know, you’re almost sure you won’t laugh anyway, but just do this for the sake of doing something for now. Give Mr. Bean a chance okay?
10.  Search your Dvds again. This time, look for tragic and war movies, films like “The Pianist” or “Schindler’s List”. You might feel a bit thankful after watching the terrible troubles of people living during those times.
11.  Call another friend. Tell her to keep watch and just call you once in a while.

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